Potion Swap

Now available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod).

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Potion Swap Description

Swap potions to create matches in this exciting and challenging match-3 game! Make combinations of 3 to destroy potions. Create explosive bomb potions by making combinations of 4. "T" and "L" shaped combination will create zap potions. Combinations of 5 will create the super potion. Different goals throughout the game keep levels feeling fresh and exciting. Some levels require collecting potions of a certain color while in others you need to destroy frozen potions. Each set of 10 levels includes a more challenging bonus level which must be unlocked.


  • 100 levels and 10 bonus levels with more on the way
  • 6 different potion types
  • Facebook integration to store game progress
  • Various level types include (collecting, poisons, timed and more)

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Game Feedback

We are always looking for ways to make Potion Swap even better. You can help shape the game! If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas contact us.

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